Cultivation and Production

Cannabis is an anaesthetic. Cultivation, including for medicinal purposes, may only take place with a permit from the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products Swissmedic according to strict guidelines. Our cannabis cultivation takes place with various close partners in Switzerland, all of whom have the necessary permits. As far as possible, our products are grown organically in the open air and have the corresponding label. Where this is not possible (due to requirements from the pharmaceutical sector), we still work as much as possible according to organic guidelines.

In addition, Cannapharm AG has a permit from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) to breed and evaluate cannabis varieties. We have an increasing number of selected cannabis varieties that are kept in permanent vegetative growth as mother plants with the support of artificial light.

For the production of products for medical use or scientific research, genetically identical clones are produced by cuttings propagation, which are brought to flowering in field cultivation, in the greenhouse or as required under artificial light. All work from propagation, growth, harvesting and processing of the plants is carried out according to GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) specifications.

In a further step, the cannabis plants are processed into extracts, flowers or other galenic forms. For this purpose, Cannapharm AG has a licence from Swissmedic to manufacture and wholesale medicinal products. All the work involved in the production and analysis of our products is carried out with the utmost care in accordance with the requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).


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