2020/06/08 RTS

Report (French) on the medical cannabis market.


2020/06 Schweizer Bauer

Article about medical hemp in Switzerland and a short interview with Armin Käser.


2020/02/12 Berner Landbote

Interview with Markus Lüdi about Cannapharm AG.


2019/12/09 SRF ECO

Report on the economic potential of medical cannabis for Switzerland.


2019/11/21 Tages-Anzeiger

Article in the Tages-Anzeiger about the hemp pioneer Markus Lüdi.


2019 Cannabis in dementia

Pilot study by Broers et al. (2019) (English), treatment of dementia patients with our ethanolic and oily cannabis extracts.


2018/03/13 Motion Nationalrat

Motion submitted by Christa Markwalder on thecultivation and export of medical cannabis.


2018/09/20 Aargauer Zeitung

Sabotaged medicine: Interesting article about the legal difficulties that Cannapharm AG, among others, was confronted with by the BAG.

Here you can find the complete online version with further information.


2018/09/10 BBC

Report of the BBC (English) about Markus Lüdi (Cannapharm AG), the use of the products (including patient perspective).


2018/05/18 Berner Zeitung

BZ reports about Cannapharm AG, its history and current difficulties in dealing with authorities.


2018/02/17 Schweizer Bauer

Because the demand for medicinal hemp has also grown strongly abroad, Cannapharm AG is looking for local producers in case the export is approved.


2017/05/04 Motion Nationalrat

Motion submitted by Thomas Amman for the medical distribution of cannabis as a drug to chronically ill patients. Lower healthcare costs and less bureaucracy.


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